Fall Market Memories


We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out to our fall market this past weekend.

We had a wonderful time celebrating local art, fall, and the wonderful people of Waco

If you missed it, you missed the dreamiest outdoor fall market in the WHOLE WORLD!

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so check out these beautiful photos to see what you missed out on. 

Happy Fall, yall!

Nate Wallace

Fall Market 2017 // Who You Can Expect To See


We are making world history by hosting our first ever Fall Market in the backyard of Common Grounds.

On 10/22 (THIS SUNDAY) from 1-5pm, you'll have the shopping opportunity of a lifetime.

We have searched far and wide to find the greatest boutique vendors, and they will not disappoint!  From calligraphy to candles to cupcakes, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.

At the end of the market, there will be a raffle where you could win a gift basket including one item from each of our vendors. To purchase raffle tickets you can stop by the shop or purchase them at the market. 

See you Sunday! 

Nate Wallace

CG Live 

Scroll down to see some of our highlighted vendors.


1. The Deeply Co. 

          The Deeply Co. is an entity that exists to celebrate beauty. Through our intimate gatherings of music + art, online retail space, and blog - the heart of Deeply quickens at every opportunity to revel in loveliness. We value the art of a beautiful life, and we believe that its luster shines not with career titles, roles, or life chapters - but rather that it softly glows within the unending choice to extend love, ever and always, deeply.


2. Pure White Jewelry

           Pure White Jewelry is more than an accessory brand. The goal of Pure White is to create wearable and affordable jewelry to encourage women to embrace the identity that God gives them through Jesus. The jewelry, designed by Woodrow, comes in three lines: white pearls to remind women they are pure, rose gold pearls to remind women they were made to shine and black pearls to remind women to be bold in the name of Jesus.


3. Flower + Ink Designs

            Flower + Ink Designs is a boutique floral design company that specializes in making your floral vision a reality. Our mission is to create a beautiful floral atmosphere for your event—weddings, Quinceañeras, parties, business gatherings and more—regardless of the size of your event. Owner Veronicka Thompson-Smith will work with you to add color and creativity that you and your guests will love. We will be creating flower crowns and small bouquets for the Common Grounds Fall Market. Visit Flower + Ink on Instagram @flowerandinkdesigns to learn more.

4. Lovely Enterprises

         Lovely is the social enterprise of Jesus Said Love aimed at reducing recidivism into the sex trade through providing living wage jobs and launching micro businesses. Lovely stands against exploitation from materials to manufacturing and only sells fair trade, socially responsible, and ethically sourced products.

5. Coffee Candles Co. 

         Coffee Candles Co. was created in the winter of 2016 in Waco, TX. We hand pour our fresh organic wax candles into coffee mugs so that even when the end of the wick is burnt and gone, your experience with our product has only just begun. Whether it's infusing your space with unique smells or sipping on hot coffee, we hope to spice up your life one mug at a time.


6. Magpie Writes: Calligraphy & Cards 

Magpie Writes offers STUNNING custom & personalized calligraphy goods

7. Faith Through Art

           Sarah was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in December 2016. She stayed at home during chemotherapy and enjoyed crafting. She started to create paintings, cards, and other crafts. She then created a Kickstarter campaign to see if her crafts were appealing to others, and they were! She invested in more stamps, cards, and ink. 

          Now, she has completed my chemotherapy treatment, and I want to give back. In August 2017, she will graduate with a degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Marketing and Development from Baylor University. She knew any business she would start would have some sort of social element within it. Therefore, she is donating 20% of my revenue to Leukemia and Lymphoma research!

8. Emberbloom Flower Co.

          Returning from our valentines market, we have Emberbloom Flower Co. Cara Sherman is a life and flower enthusiast from Waco, TX. She recently started Emberbloom to fill her passion and love for floral design. "Flowers are meant to be bestowed. Occasions for flowers truly span the human life with all its joy and sorrow." What will you find at Emberbloom? A mixed selection of unique and BEAUTIFUL flowers, EXCELLENT service and LOVE.

Emberbloom Flower Co. will be offering a selection of bouquets as well as a flower bar where you can build your own bouquet!

9. Lattice Lover

          Lattice Lover creates an environment where Heaven and Earth seem to collide, where the human heart can no longer decipher which realm it has found itself in, because the mingling of Heaven and Earth is so present and entwined.

10. Simple Beauty Headbands

 These headbands are simply beautiful.

If you're on Instagram check us out at @simplebeautyheadbands or on Facebook at Simple Beauty Headbands.

11. Emma's Cup {of} Cakes

Emma's Cup {of} Cakes are delicious hand mixed cake mixes that you prepare and bake in a coffee mug in the microwave. Each mix makes one cup and is paired with a coordinating flavored glaze to mix and pour over the hot cake! 

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors // Lewis Watson

People of Common Grounds,

Who are these good-looking guys you ask?


This is Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. If you think they look good, just wait until you hear them sing.

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors is an Americana band from Nashville Tennessee. Since the release of their debut album in 2008, the band has stayed true to their America, Folk Rock sound with rich vocals and heartfelt lyrics, all accompanied by music that sounds like the south. 

Their latest release, Souvenir came out in March of this year. This record will exceed your expectations and leave you feeling warm and hopeful. 

Supporting Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, we have Lewis Watson, all the way from England! Check out this video for a little taste of Lewis Watson's music. 

You won't want to miss this concert, make sure you get tickets before they sell out! You can find them here

See you there! 


Nate Wallace

CG Live

David Ramirez // Molly Parden

David Ramirez is a traveling songwriter from Austin, Tx. He is known for his hauntingly beautiful instrumentation and his deep baritone voice. His lyrics are noted to reflect personal growth and struggle throughout his life and career. 


Ramirez latest album wrestles with this sense of fear, while still offering a sense of hope, matching the title of the album. Initially known for living as a traveling songwriter and wearing himself thin after hundreds of thousands of miles alone on the road, Ramirez has transitioned to working with a full band to develop a more energetic sound. We're excited to have him back on our stage. Grab a ticket before prices go up tomorrow! Watch an amazing stripped down version of his song Watching From a Distance here and grab your tickets to the show here.


If you want to hear the best of David Ramirez, here's a compilation playlist of his favorite songs. 

Molly Parden will be kicking off the night. Molly Parden's music is an amalgamation of country, folk, and pop conjured up by an easy-going acoustic and a sweet southern voice. 

This is going to be a stellar show that you don't want to miss! 

See you Friday. 

Nate Wallace

CG Live

Justin Furstenfeld [Open Book Tour]

People of Common Grounds,

We're excited to welcome Justin Furstenfeld to Common Grounds as part of his open book tour. 

You may recognize Justin's voice from the band, Blue October. Justin is best known for the emotional and deeply felt lyrics that so many connect with. This show will be part of an open book tour. On this tour, Justin has promised to be raw, emotional and interactive.

With influences: like Peter GabrielBlue MillerGeorge WinstonJean-Michel Basquiat and U2, Justin has created music that has connected with listeners all over the world, especially those who deal with depression and suicidal thoughts.


You can expect to hear old and new songs and experience a very wide range of emotions. You can find VIP tickets at

See you Thursday! 

Nate Wallace

CG Live

Ryan Thomas // Ashley Artisan // Grayson James

People of Common Grounds,

This Friday we're delighted to have Ryan Thomas playing a show! With influences like Andy Mineo and Jon Bellion, Ryan is leaving his mark on the world through his music. Beyond his unique upbeat and catchy songs, Ryan’s music carries a message of hope that he hopes is louder than the music. Ryan’s live shows are engaging and fun, it's guaranteed you'll dance at least twice. 

To get an idea of Ryan's sound, check out his song "Enjoy the Flight"

Joining Ryan, Waco musicians Ashley Artisan and Grayson James will be kicking off the night with music in a similar genre. 

See you this Friday! 


Nate Wallace

CG Live

Two Huge Ways You Can Help our Friends in Houston #HOUSTONSTRONG

People of Common Grounds, 

          This week our hearts are heavy as we watch our friends and family in Houston and the surrounding areas experience the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. In response, here are two huge ways you can help

1. Bring Supplies to the Show This Friday Night! (Sept. 1, 7:30-10:30pm) SUPPLY LIST BELOW

          This Friday we are hosting a show with local artists Honest Men and Glenmerle. It's going to be a wonderful night of local music and community. Common Grounds will be accepting the following physical donations at the show in a partnership with University Baptist Church and Ecclessia Houston at the show. We will accept donations from 7:30-10:30pm.

2. Buy an Iced Cowboy Coffee (9/2-9/4)

Could it get any easier? 

       Common Grounds will be donating the full proceeds of every iced Cowboy Coffee purchased in our shop on 8th Street from Saturday (9/2) until Monday (9/4) to Global Giving's Foundation for Hurricane Harvey, which seeks to aid in both short and long term relief to victims.

      Our hearts are with our friends and family in Houston. Please join us in doing anything you can to help and support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Common Grounds



Clean Up Supplies

De-Humidifiers, Portable Blowers
Air Circulators
Extension Cords

Ground Fault Protectors Pop Up Canopies
Wet / Dry Vacs

Exterior Clean Up

Shovels Wheelbarrows Crowbars Hammers
Utility Knives Work gloves
Dust masks Pressure Washers Blower Fans Ladders

Yard tools
Tools for boarding windows Tarps

Portable Lights Portable Generators Nail-guns Sawhorses
Spray paint
Safety Glasses

Interior Clean Up

Kitchen dishwashing gloves Mops
Deck Brooms

5-gallon bucket with resealable lid Smaller buckets
Liquid laundry detergent
Liquid household cleaner

Dish soap
Bleach / Kilz
Scrub brush
Cleaning wipes Sponges
Scouring pads
Paper towels Disposable Rags
Can air freshener Clothespins Clothesline Heavy-duty trash bags

Additional Supplies

Insect repellant spray Bottled Water
First Aide Kit(s) Toiletries

Rain Ponchos 

Honest Men // Glenmerle

People of Common Grounds, 

This Friday night (Sept. 1) will be a special night at Common Grounds. We're having two of our favorite local artists to play some incredible music. 

Headlining the night we have Honest Men:



Honest Men is an indie pop rock band from Waco, TX. Their first show, in the spring of 2015, was Baylor University's Battle of the Bands, where they ended up winning by student and judge votes. Since that point,  they have quickly gained popularity across the campus and the city. 

"This will be our best show yet" -Honest Men

Even if you've seen Honest Men before, this show is guaranteed to be a different experience as they are playing new music and incorporating new visuals to their live show. 



GLENMERLE is the moniker for Waco based singer, songwriter, and producer, Thomas James Wilson. More than another artist scrambling up a ladder to fame, Thomas seeks to redefine success by placing value on the sounds, songs, and words, rather than the finances, fans, or followers.

Glenmerle puts on a stellar live show that will be unforgettable. Their music is full of good vibes and melodies that will get stuck in your head. 

The best part is that TICKETS ARE ONLY $5 ($7 at the door)! You can purchase them here

See you Friday! 

Nate Wallace

CG Live

Start Your Semester Off Right

People of Common Grounds, 

Are you looking for great new music to start off your semester? Look no further. 

       We’re kicking off the semester with an act that will absolutely blow your mind. Vesperteen hails from Columbus, Ohio and is setting out to blur the lines of what a genre truly is. 

        All over the world music fans are connecting with Vesperteen’s adrenalized vocals and unapologetically honest lyrics. The band has grown from Colin Rigsby’s side project into a national act. The name Vesperteen derived from a comic book character that Rigsby dreamed up over 10 years ago and has transformed to mean “a person who blooms after sundown.” 

        Although Vesperteen is a relatively new band, this project is the sum of years of writing by the founder and front man, Colin Rigsby. Rigsby is a seasoned performer who knows how to put on a great live show. You may recognize Colin’s beautiful face from the band House of Heroes


To get a little taste of their sound, check out their song "Obsess Possess"





Supporting Vesperteen, from Austin, Tx. we’re excited to host Cue The Sun. For a taste of Cue The Sun's music, check out their song "Your Love". 


This is a show you don't want to miss! You can find tickets here

Nate Wallace

CG Live


People of Common Grounds,

This weekend at CG will be packed full of music and we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Check out this line up! Bet you won't come to all 3.



A couple duo from Nashville with unbelievable songwriting chemistry. 




A local pop rock band with big dreams, and bigger hearts. 




A Waco songwriter sharing homemade songs, homemade stories, written for old timey souls.



You can find your tickets to any of our shows right at

See you there? 

Nate Wallace

CG Live