WIN Tickets to Switchfoot on October 28 @ Baylor University

Hello friends! 

Baylor University is so excited about the October 28th Switchfoot show @ Waco Hall that they are letting us give away 6 FREE tickets!   

Here's what you need to do to WIN: 

1) Come into Common Grounds before 8pm on Wednesday, October 16th (This Wednesday) 

2) Purchase a beverage at the register and print your NAME  and your Email Address  on the back, then Drop it in the jar next to the Register

3) Come to Open Mic this Wednesday (Featured Artist: Chase Gassaway), where we will announce the winners of the tickets from a live drawing onstage!  

If your name is called, You'll WIN! Wooo! 



If you don't hear your name at Open Mic, Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office on the first floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center or online here.

Three concerts on Switchfoot's current tour are already sold out so tickets for the Baylor stop may go fast. For tickets inquiries, contact the ticket office at 254-710-3210 or


Good Luck!