Waco Open Mic - Summer 2013

My Speech class professor in college once told me that people would rather die than speak in public. Really … She explained that there is statistical evidence to support the idea that people in general are more fearful to stand up and speak in front of any number of people than they are of dying and not living another day.

CG Metro Bus! Open Mic during the summer is on Tuesdays!

CG Metro Bus! Open Mic during the summer is on Tuesdays!

The Microphone may be a scary place for some; but for others, it is a place that they come alive.  And, around Waco there are a couple different places that you can either A) take witness of this, or B) muster up the courage to see if you can shine in the spotlight. 

Every week, we host an open mic in the backyard of Common Grounds that is filled with original music, re-imagined versions of hit songs, Spoken Word poets, and just a whole lot of fun.  Usually a Wednesday night tradition, during the summer it is being moved to TUESDAY nights, starting at 8 o’clock.

If you are interested in performing, the sign-up sheet is posted in the shop nearly a week in advance, so come in a few days before and sign up for a 15-minute spot!

Open Mic is for Solo and Duo acts only, due to time constraints.

Something Special for the Summer :

It's always cool to take something home with you at the end of a show, so this summer we are offering a FREE Live recording of your open mic performance (upon Request) for the months of June and July!  

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