Who is Hank? (Staff Spotlight)

Hank Dog - Austin.jpeg

If you've been around Common Grounds at all in the last few years, you probably noticed a friendly face on the front porch or out on the back stage.   That mug also has shown up on Thermal shirts and Tank Tops, as well as a good amount of CG-tagged Instagram posts.

His name is Hank. Hank Williams, to be precise. 

Hank is owned by our Live Event Coordinator, Wes, and is the official Common Grounds greeter!  We've heard it said that a visit with Hank is rumored to be good luck before taking a test, going to a job interview, or relieving any number of stressful life events. 

Hank is a 3-year-old pure-bred English Shepherd who was born May 23rd, 2010 in Bellville, TX.   He can 'sit,' 'shake,' and 'lay down.'  And also, he can give two-pawed 'high-fives.'  If he barks at you, he just wants your attention and is saying, "Howdy, come pet me!"  There's no reason to fear this friendly canine, he's a soft furred, ball of Love. 

You can Follow hank on Twitter (@therealhankdog), and Facebook (Hank Dog). 


Also, Hank is getting a full-blood brother in early July! Come by and meet George Jones in the fall!