Baylor Line Camp @ Common Grounds

Line Camp Night 4

Line Camp Night 4

During the summer, Baylor has a great program for incoming freshman called ‘Line Camp.’   If you’re unfamiliar, the incoming freshman class is known as the Baylor Line, they’re those lucky turkeys that get to run on the field at the beginning of all the home football games, and Baylor teaches them all about the University, Waco, and the Spirit of the school over the course of a week long orientation called, ‘Line Camp.’

Common Grounds get to host a couple nights each week in order to expose students to good coffee, our atmosphere, and what a Live Show looks like.  It’s pretty awesome for us and we’re honored to be a part of it.

The students get a free drink and a pastry then they get to hang out with their newfound friends in the backyard while some great local bands play on the stage.  Super Fun!

Check out our Instagram to see some shots of the groups that we’ve had so far this summer as we’re 3 weeks in!  

Next week we'll share a little bit about all the Artists that have played Line Camp this Summer!