Common Grounds Live Music Venue

Hey Guys, 

My name is Wes, I'm the Live Event Coordinator here at Common Grounds! I do all the booking, run all the shows, and put together all the events in the back yard. We're super, uber excited about the Lineup of Shows and Concerts that we have coming to CG this Fall, and we want you to know that EVERY show is worth coming to!

Here's my mentality: Number 1, I do not book bad shows.... Who wants to find themselves at a bad show? Anyone? I don't think so....  We're not going to do that to you - We want you to know that this is the reputation that we desire at CG and that you shouldn't second guess, or question yourself about the value of the shows at CG.

Number 2, We book bands that we feel like you HAVE to be listening to or know about. Of course there are big group favorites that everyone likes, and we want to have them at CG; but, there are many bands that we book at CG whom we think you guys would be sorry to live without. They may not be the National, big names now or have a lot of recognition in Waco, but the music they are putting out is Amazing!

Number 3, We love Local Musicians . Local Art is one of the many things that defines a community.  We want YOU to own the stage at Open Mic and Concerts. If we can do anything to help you grow as an artist, I want to help!


Truly,  We love you all! Come spend some time with us!