Common Grounds Street Team

Alrighty folks!  Concerts at Common Grounds have always flourished by the support of our everyday patrons - seeing Posters hung around the house, getting flyers at the register, etc. .  But as we have tried to extend our reach and grow our venue, we've realized that we didn't know the best way to spread the word of all the great shows, movies, and events that we put on.

So we are asking for help from you guys - the official Common Grounds Street Team.

What you Get:

  • Free Tickets to Shows
  • Common Grounds Merchandise
  • First Dibs on Limited Edition Posters
  • Free Drinks

What you Do: 

  • Pass out Flyers and Hang Posters around Town
  • RT/Share Twitter and Facebook Statuses
  • Help at Shows (Door, Merch, etc.)


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