Love And Theft - Country Comes to Common Grounds

Waco is a great place for Artists and Bands to stop in Texas.  Though we don't have the amount of venues as Dallas, Austin, or Houston, there are still places to see great performers.  There's a venue for Red Dirt Country, a place for Grunge Rock and straight up Rock-and-Roll, and even the City of Waco and Baylor University both bring in some pretty big shows each year. Common Grounds has typically been known for the Pop/Rock/Folk shows and the Christian Artists that come through town. 

One of the shows that we are excited about this Spring is the Love and Theft Show coming to Common Grounds on Saturday, January 25.  This was a show that didn't seem to have a venue in Waco. That is, until we realized that the Backyard at CG, and the patrons that visit, would be the perfect solution as far as Venue and Audience.

So Get ready folks! Love and Theft will be at CG soon!



If you're into Taylor Swift, Jake Owen, or Gloriana, then Love and Theft is a show you've got to see. The band is driven by two singers, catchy hooks and Harmonies, and backed by a solid band.

You probably know them without knowing it...

Their most recognized song is ANGEL EYES, and as recent as this past December they were awarded a Country Music Television Award for "Duo Video of the Year" for RUNNIN' OUT OF AIR. Angel Eyes was the first Radio Song that really Hit and they will be bringing that song with them to Waco, Next Saturday. (click the links to see the music videos)


SHOW:         LOVE AND THEFT, with Special Guest: Andy Velo
           Saturday, January 25, 2014

WHEN:          Doors open at 7:00pm
                        Show Starts at 8:00pm

COVER:        Tickets are $20 if you purchase before the day of the show
                        Tickets raise to $22 on 1/25 and will be available online, at Common Grounds, or at the door.

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