Siblings and Campfires.

There's just something about family that gives music that little something nothing else quite can.


Take it from the angelic harmonies of the sisters in Eisley, or the Grammy-winning songs written by the brothers (and cousin!) in Kings of Leon. Or you know what? Just take it from The Vespers, who affectionately refer to themselves as "a southern roots family reunion".

The folk band hails from Nashville, TN and is composed of not one, but two sets of family. The Jones brothers and the Cryar sisters have distinguished their sound with an arsenal of acoustic instruments and harmonies only siblings can create.

Best of all, the two sets of siblings found each other while participating in a favorite southern pastime - singing and playing around the campfire. The Cryar sisters liked what they heard, asked the Jones brothers to back their band, and it's been a family reunion ever since. 

The band's second record "The Fourth Wall" was released in April of 2012. The 'fourth wall' is a term commonly used in theatre, as it refers to the invisible wall between the performers and the audience. The Vesper's goal is to break down that wall with each of their shows. 

But, hey, why don't you take a look (and a listen) for yourself.

And then come take another look and listen on Wednesday, February 26th for their show.

Tickets are $7 Presale, $10 Day of Show and are available online or at Common Grounds.

Doors are at 7:00pm and the show will start with openers Lainey Wright and The Gray Havens.

-Taylor T.
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