No Good Music in Waco...? Take a Look!

It’s been said a lot recently that if you think there isn’t any good music or entertainment in Waco, you’re not looking.  We do our best at Common Grounds to make sure that’s not the case.  Whether it is bringing in a nationally touring band or pulling from the trove of Waco Musicians, we stand beside the quality that we put on our stage.

The treasure box has been opened for a fantastic Local Show at CG on Saturday, February 15th.  Coming to the stage is Ryan Pickop, Reeve Hunter, and Haley Barnes.



Think Folk Singer/Songwriter with a full sound backing beautiful songs! Ryan’s bio reads that his songs are “[Crafted] with the care of a poet, a carpenter, [and] a parent.” And, if you know the guy, you know that this emanates from his whole person, not just the songs. He is a wordsmith and songsmith that creates real art in Waco.







Get ready to have fun!  This Red-headed fireball produces quirky, eclectic electro-pop that I (Wes) can’t stop listening to.  Reeve “hopes you enjoy some of this music,” but we think you’ll love it!



Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 1.14.03 PM.png



She’s Magic… Haley’s been a part of a number of great Texas-based projects from Buxton to Ancient Cat Society, and writes beautiful lullabies and lyrics. 





Saturday, February 15, 2014
$5 cover

7:30p            Doors open
8:00p            Haley Barnes
8:40p            Reeve Hunter
9:35p             Ryan Pickop


Tickets can be purchased HERE