Colony House (Formerly CALEB) - Can't miss it! Guests: The Rocketboys, and Chase Gassaway

Back in 2008, when I moved to town, I already had been told of an artist that I needed to look up and follow. Her name was Jillian Edwards, and the first time I saw her play I knew she was something special - Something beyond the "Standard." She was a Jewel. And she has repeatedly returned to Common Grounds even after Graduating from Baylor University.

The last few times, she has brought with her a band that I didn't know, They were known as CALEB, and they are awesome!  A Three-Piece Rock show with a pop twist that makes it accessible to everybody and a lot of fun to spend an evening with!

C O L O N Y  H O U S E

Recently they've gone through a transformation into a new name - Say 'Hello' to Colony House
Caleb Chapman, the frontman of the group had this to say about the change:

"Colony House [is] a humble apartment complex on 11th Ave. in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, [and] has at some point in each of our lives been our home. Now it is our namesake as we take Franklin, TN with us and travel around the world playing music for those who will listen!" 

And Listening comes easy with these guys, so grab your tickets to their show at Common Grounds on Wednesday, March 26.

Along with Colony House, the lineup will be shared by Austin-ites: The Rocketboys, and Chase GassawayYou're not going to want to miss it.




Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Common Grounds
Doors open @ 7pm
Show starts @ 7:30pm

Tickets are $7 in Advance, and $10 on the Day of the Show