Big Thanks To Artists/Their Fans/CG Show-goers! (Best Moments)

From the bottom of our heart - seriously - we want to thank you all for making CG such a wonderful place for Live Music over the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014!  Without the involvement of the great Artists who have thought us worthy to make a stop, Their loyal fans, and everyone who attended a show in the backyard over the past 9 months, we would not have had the honor of being granted "Best Live Music Venue" and "Best College Live Music Venue" by the Wacoan this year (Also "Best Place to Study" and "Best Coffee Shop").

Over the past nine months, you've sold out 6 shows and have filled the backyard with awe, excitement, and happiness - we are overjoyed to be a part of it.

Sincerely - Thanks,
CG Live Event Coordinator

Here's some of our favorite moments from the past school year:


First Show in the renovated backyard couldn't have had better/more appropriate artists!


First legitimate Sell Out show at CG with 800 Tickets sold.
Show Sold Out 3 hours after they went on sale to Public.

An Evening with JON FOREMAN

Took us 18 months to book this show.
So thankful to have had him!
Beautiful, perfect 70 degree night.


One week Later... 32 degrees...
An unexpected, but totally deserving Sell Out show of 800.

Thomas Wilson (Glenmerle), Hannah Read (Lomelda), Haley Barnes

Thanks to our Venue Manager, Taylor, we got an inside look at some of Waco's killer Locals. You can find these videos on our Facebook page.
Look for these to continue!

The great moments at CG this year are more numerous than what we are able to depict here - We're so thankful to all of you.

Get ready for the next season of shows; with your help, we're going to knock it out of the park.