Brady Toops is similar to Common Grounds in a lot of ways — he’s intriguing, innovative, and the perfect mixture of classic and new-age. Toops’s music blends soul, folk, and gospel, a style he attributes to growing up listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, and Boys II Men. Yes, you read that correctly, Boys II Men. It’s artists like these that give Toops such a unique presence on stage; no, he’s no 90’s R&B artist, but his set is sure to stop you on your feet and leave you saying, “yeah, me too.”

This aspect of his music is part of what makes Brady Toops such a phenomena on stage. Toops possesses a unique ability to help unify and inspire his listener into going deeper — he inspires them to express and understand things differently, inspires them to walk away knowing the relationship that is shared between artist and consumer, something that can be achieved through the music on the phone or the performance and the spectator. Toops’s music reaches all who listen to it, allowing them all, in turn, to relate back to each other.

This unification ideology is part of what makes Common Grounds and Brady Toops such a beautiful pairing. Toops’s music is often inspired by the whirlwind of a life that the indie singer lives, but is also heavily influenced by the shows he plays and the people he encounters while touring. These things help to provide context and encourage artists and patron alike, allowing both of these things to champion each other, a rare relationship that Common Grounds is happy to be able to capture and host.

Brady Toops’s stop at Common Grounds is a part of the pre-release tour for his heavily anticipated sophomore album, Tried & True. Along with the opportunity to drink some great coffee and hear some great music, Toops will be rewarding fans with the opportunity to buy the album before its official release date (early 2017).  We can’t wait to see you there!

- Rachel Caldwell, CG Barista/Street Team

Brady Toops with Dossey

Doors: 7:30 PM / Show: 8 PM

Tickets: $7 (Day-of: $10)

Listen to his song "Bleed" here.