John Moreland

This Friday night in the backyard we have Tulsa’s finest, John Moreland. 

The genre of Moreland’s music lies somewhere in between Americana and alternative country. His music is completely unique but comparable to Neil Young, Tom Petty, Steve Earle. This will be a night that you do not want to miss. 

Moreland doesn’t shy away from singing about pain in his life. Instead he writes as a way to understand himself and the world.  


"Moreland pokes old wounds until you’re sure

they’ve got to be bleeding again. It’s painful.

But in Moreland’s care, it’s also breathtakingly


You can come to the show anticipating to be hit hard by Moreland’s heart-rending lyrics that his raspy, yet soulful, voice will deliver powerfully. You can expect intimate moments that can only be explained as a lifetime of emotions summed up in one night of songs that Moreland will venerably share. 

For a sincere night of songs from the heart, come check out John Moreland at CG. You can find tickets here

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Check out this video of John Performing live on Stephen Colbert