People of Common Grounds, 

What are you doing with your Friday night? I think I have a great idea- but first let me tell you about this incredible band called WILDERADO. 

Based out of the Los Angels , CA, Wilderado, (formerly known as Bird Dog) are a 4 piece rock and roll band only comparable to the sounds of the greats, (Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and J.J Cale). Take a listen to their song The Ocean and the Sea.


Although this is Wilderado’s first time at Common Grounds, they’re no strangers to Waco. 2/4 of the Wilderado members are former Baylor graduates, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them back! 

I can say with confidence that Wilderado stands completely apart from any other band we’ve ever had at Common Grounds. From gnarly guitar solos to three part harmonies, Wilderado will be a show to remember. 


Supporting Wilderado is a band called Ciity from Dallas also performing for the first time at CG. Ciity is an electronic pop band from Dallas.  Their show will undoubtedly make you want to dance like it's 1985. 

So come check them out tonight, it will be best $5 or €4.71 you'll ever spend. 

See you guys tonight! 

Nate Wallace

CG Live


Check out WILDERADO's acoustic session of the song “The Ocean and The Sea”