STRAHAN//THE COLLECTION (The Perfect Addition to Your Sing Weekend)

People of Common Grounds, 

Baylor Sing weekend is upon us. People are coming from near and far to see their children sing and dance. The weekend comes with its own set of needs that maybe you can relate to.  

Need something wholesome to do with your parents? 

Need some live entertainment that won’t keep you for 3.5+ hours? 

If so, we have 2 great artists playing this weekend that even your parents might like. 

STRAHAN (Friday Night) 

On Friday night we have a New Zealand solo artist that goes by STRAHAN. [straw-n] 


Strahan is a best described as modern psalmist. His music is gentle, folky and packed with timeless truth. If nothing else, his mustache will inspire you to be strong and courageous. 

“Like the old psalmist, he reaches to nature to find the face of the divine, wrestling with truth as insistently as the tide claiming the shore. Like the old folk man, he stares through a dim glass and sees a broken world caught in that age old tension. Hallelujahs. Laments. Death. Life. All is beauty.” 

You can find tickets to the show here

THE COLLECTION (Saturday Night) 

On Saturday night we have The Collection [kuh-lek-shuh n]. 

The Collection is a community of artists from Greensboro, North Carolina. Their music is rooted in their state’s folk culture. Saturday’s show will take you back to an old timey community jam session in small town North Carolina. The Collection’s lyrics are deeply rooted in their faith and their songs are full of strong allusions to the Bible. 

You can find tickets to the show here

My personal favorite is their song, "Dirt". Give it a listen (link below).

Thanks for reading! 

Nate Wallace

CG Live

Dirt by David Wimbish and The Collection *This song has been slightly altered from its original form* It took 7 days, $30, 135 combined hours, and 1000 photos to bring this song to life.