Green River Ordinance: Returning to Common Grounds

Common Grounds is known as a place with great coffee, a unique atmosphere, and a place with quality Live Music; but it wasn’t always that way…  Live Music at Common Grounds began as an afterthought.

While the primary goal was to create a place where Baylor Students could get a cup of Joe and hang out with friends, we discovered that Live Music was a natural part of that experience – a part that we were missing.

 Green River Ordinance shooting a Promotion Video for their new EP,  Chasing Down The Wind , at Common Grounds - April 2013       

Green River Ordinance shooting a Promotion Video for their new EP, Chasing Down The Wind, at Common Grounds - April 2013  

The first CG shows were not played on any kind of stage, but more resembled Acoustic House Shows; Bands would set up within the two doors between the House and the Side Patio and provide the perfect atmosphere for an evening at Common Grounds. 

One of those bands was Green River Ordinance, a Pop-Rock band from Fort Worth, TX.

Since 2004, when they first played inside Common Grounds, Green River Ordinance (GRO) has been on an exciting venture.  They signed a record deal with Capital/Virgin Records in 2007, experienced numerous Top 40 Hits, and gained national recognition through over 50 placements in Network/Cable Television shows and Films.  The growth was great, but they decided to leave their label in August of 2010 and rely solely on the support of their fans.

It’s been nearly three years since then, and the Fans have continued to believe and support them as they continue to burn up the road and make music.

It seems to be a full-circle ride to arrive at the same place they once were, but with different circumstances. The amount of Fans they now have continues to grow, even without the support of a Record Label.


image by Shay C. Scranton

image by Shay C. Scranton

The stage has now been set for GRO to come full circle again and return to Common Grounds on September 13, 2013. The experience won’t be like the indoor Acoustic House Show, but isn’t something that you should miss.

Waco is scheduled to be one of the first stops on their new EP Release tour, supporting Chasing Down the Wind, which will be available for purchase on June 18th.

The once Pop Rock 5-piece has evolved as much as the shows at CG have to express influences from the Eagles and Avett Brothers, to name a few, all the while being able to hear where they’ve come from, complementing The Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, and other Rock or Pop bands.

On Friday, September 13, 2013
Common Grounds Presents:

with Special guest Andrew Ripp

Doors @ 9:45pm

$10 in Advance
$12 Day of Show

Tickets are available on
Monday, June 3 @ 10am via TicketFly



3rd Annual CG Stache Dash (Alleycat Bicycle Race)

image by Shay C. Scranton


The 3rd Annual CG STACHE DASH!

What is it?

The Stache Dash is a no holds barred, bicycle street race.

In the spirit of all the Bicycle Couriers before us, an 'Alley Cat Race,' as these types of races are widely known, is a test of how well you know your city and how quickly you can get from place to place.

The money collected for this race will go to benefit Project Rwanda - a philanthropy that builds wooden cart bicycles so that Cooperative Coffee Farmers can transport their beans to a fair market.

Race winners receive Prizes from Sponsors: Fast Folks (ATX), Common Grounds, and more. All Skill/Race/knowledge levels accepted!


Registration begins at 5pm on Saturday, April 27th.
Bring $5 for entry and a photo ID card.
Release Flyers will be Mandatory for entry.

What do I need on Race Day?

- Knowledge of WacoTown
- A Bicycle (Fixie/Single speed preferred)
- A Helmet (optional, but encouraged)
- Bike Lights**
- A Cell Phone with Texting and Photo capabilities
**(if the sun sets early, Waco City Law commands Bike lights on all Bicycles)

How it Works

This race is Time-trialed, and you will have 45 minutes to reach as many locations as possible.  But, if you're late... you're FIRED! and you lose major points...

How do I know where to go?

Before the race begins, you will receive an envelope which holds the Manifest of all the locations we are expecting you to know in our great city of Waco, TX.  

When we say "GO!," you may open your manifest and race away! You'll have to plan your route on the fly.


Don't get too set in your route, You may receive a bonus location mid-way through...

What do I do there?

At each manifest location, You will snap a single photo of yourself with your manifest next to the Locations' centerpiece/sign, text that image to the Common Grounds Race Facilitator, and get on to the next spot!
Oh, did we mention there may be tasks at different locations? Though not all of them are mandatory, you get bonus points for participating.

And of course,

The choice of route is completely up to you.

WHEN:                                 SATURDAY, April 27, 2013
Registration @                   5:00pm
Race @                                6:00pm
Winners Ceremony @      7:15pm