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General Inquiries

General Manager
Trey Lumley
Vendor Relations, Partnerships, Bills, Feedback

8th Street/Container Store Manager
Kody Bartley
Daily Operation & Staff Management for 8th Street location


SUB Store Manager
Ryan White
Daily Operation & Staff Management for Baylor SUB location

Office and Online Store Manager
Chris Henderson
General Inquiries, Donation Requests

Specialized Inquiries

Catering Manager
Michael Murray
Coffee Catering

Concerts, Private Rentals, Sleeve Marketing
Hayden Smith
Rental Inquiries, Live Shows, Sleeve Marketing

Head Barista
Samuel Moore
Coffee Samples

Social Media & Marketing Manager
Rachel Fish
Social Media/Marketing



Common Grounds 8th Street

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Phone: (254) 757-2957


Common Grounds

Click Map for Hours and Directions

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