Rental Policies

Event Space Rentals

Common Grounds Waco is available for rental upon request of any organization or entity inquiring. Management must approve rentals by means of contract before publication or any form of promotion may begin.

Rentals by Space / by the Hour

  • Rentals by space include complete privacy of an area within the side patio and/or backyard while Common Grounds continues to operate during normal business hours.

  • This fee is not inclusive of any sound system or engineer rental.

  • Don’t stress about the cold! We have propane heaters to keep you and your attendees warm.

  • Common Grounds will not allow outside beverages of any kind.

Backyard Rental Rain Policy

  • We will do everything we can to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Because our backyard space is outdoors, there are a few options we have for events that are scheduled on rainy days.

    • Side Patio – If your group is the right size, a great option is moving your event to our side patio.

    • Tent Rental – Tents are a great option to shield your group from inclement weather. Rentals range from $300-$600.

    • Reschedule – Common Grounds is always willing to give you another date for your event if you would rather just reschedule!

    • Full Refund – We won’t punish you for the unfortunate weather! If we can’t work it out, we’ll give you a full refund for your event.

Rentals by Half Day / Full Day

  • Common Grounds is available for half-day rentals of 6-8 hours for events such as rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, or other extended meetings. Common Grounds is also available for full day rentals of 17 hours for events such as weddings and receptions, conferences, or other extended all day events.

  • Outside catering of meals is permitted upon approval from management.  

Each space at Common Grounds is dynamic and crucial to the overall atmosphere of our business; prices are set by management in an attempt to be accessible to patrons, while at the same time beneficial to the sacrifice of the Common Grounds space and atmosphere. Prices for rentals of the backyard and house are also set to compensate for the sacrifice of Common Grounds shop sales.

Prices do not include use of any on-site staff, other than the Event Coordinator.

If you require additional assistance/servers, inquire with the Event Coordinator.

Sound System Rentals

$200 – LARGE SYSTEM (used for Common Grounds Shows)

  • CG Sound Engineer available for additional $100

  • 32 input channels for Microphones, Guitars, etc.

  • 1-4 monitor mixes

  • 4 Main Speakers

  • 4 Subwoofers

  • 1 Input for Background Music/iPod

$100 – HALF SYSTEM (used for Common Grounds’ Open Mic Nights and Movie Nights)

  • CG Sound Engineer available for additional $50

  • 16 channels for Microphones, Guitars, etc.

  • 2 Monitor mixes

  • 2 Main Speakers

  • 1 Input for Background music/iPod    


  • No CG Sound Engineer included

  • 1 input for Background Music/iPod

$30 – PROJECTOR & SCREEN (used for Common Grounds’ Movie Nights)

  • Please note that the projector drops down at the very front of our stage, so it cannot be used at the same time as live music is being played, as it will block the musicians.

Catering Options with Rentals

When you rent a space at Common Grounds, you receive 10% off the cost of your catering orders!

  • No outside food or drink are permitted during these events without approval from management.

  • Any food item that is offered on the Common Grounds menu must be catered.

  • Catering is priced by product, by the cup.

  • Please inquire on catering options and pricing with Trey Lumley.

Events Requiring Meals

  • Events that require outside catering of meals will be permitted upon management’s approval.