Venue Staff

We'd love for you to help out! Here's some information on how you can be a part of our Venue Staff.


We need people who are passionate about the music industry and interested in working live shows to be dedicated to our Street Team. Responsibilities of being a “Street Teamer” entail:

  • Working an adequate amount of shows.

  • Running venue doors and box office. 

  • Acting as event security.

  • Ensuring the venue is clean and reset after shows.

  • Promoting and marketing shows through social media, word of mouth, and flyers to Waco and Baylor campus.


We need strong men and women who are interested in how tours are set up to be our dedicated stagehands and security. Responsibilities of this crew entail:

  • Striking the backyard before shows; reassembling the backyard after shows.

  • Assisting the touring crew with loading equipment in and out.

  • Acting as additional security for large events.


Members of our Street Team and Stagehand & Security Crew receive a free drink any time they assist Common Grounds!

Assuming members meet an adequate amount of requirements for their team or crew, they also have free admission to all of our shows when they're not working!

Interested? Contact us at